One blink


A moment of weakness is a moment of truth.
And a piece of my soul is revealed to you.
Don’t even you blink, not just for a second.
Or you will miss darling, the true glance of my essence.

In this one split second, I promise you’ll see me.
Not just who I am, but who will I be.
And then I just hope that you will accept me.
Not for who I am, but for who I might be.

The rest is a chance, a page of our fate.
Where to stay alone, I am too afraid.
Because the life my darling, have no meaning without you,
Like platitude it sound, but believe me it’s truth.

So waste no more time and come little closer.
Take a look at my eyes and lay a head on my shoulder.
The waiting is worthy and you won’t regret it.
I love you my darling, don’t ever forget it.

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